Morro Bay Harbor Festival

Morro Bay is a small city located in central California in San Luis Obispo county. It's population is quite small, somewhere around 10,000. The small town comes alive during the Morro Bay Harbor Festival, for which many people flock in from out of town. For over 30 years now, the Annual Morro Bay Harbor Festival has been an event to which many look forward eagerly. There is something to do for everyone, and this is an event that many families with kids visit. There is plenty of food and drink, with the highlight being fresh seafood caught by local fisherman. Take your pick of shrimp, oysters, fish and a lot more! Local vendors put up several stalls, so you can roam around in a leisurely manner while browsing through various different goods. Opportunities abound for vendors too, such as providers of musical accessories like saxophone reeds, and all local Morro Bay businesses in general. There is plenty of entertainment as well. All day, people can enjoy local bands playing live music. All kinds of music lovers will have something they will enjoy - whether it's rock n'roll, country music, or jazz. There is also a headliner band in the afternoon. Since many come to the town for this festival, several hotels and motels partner with the festival to provide accomodations to out-of-town guests. These include chains such as Best Western, as well as local favorites such as the Inn at Morro Bay. Overall, if you want to do something unique and go to a beautiful and scenic coastal town in central California, Morro Bay is a great place to visit. And if you want to throw in some fun, excitement and lively times, then visit at the time of the Morro Bay Harbor Festival -- you are sure to have an absolutely terrific time!

You can also see tons of ocean life at Morro bay, to say nothing of fit owners and dogs running around with Fitbarks and Whistle Pet Trackers. There are also a variety of little restaurants to eat at, and small boutiques that in which you can browse in a leisurely manner. All in all, Morro Bay is a really fun place to visit in general, and especially during the time of the music festival. The one for this year is coming up in October - do try to go if you can!